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Your Gift Has Meaning

The constant provision of individual donors makes homeownership a reality for families in need of decent, affordable housing right here in the Sumter Community.

Affordable homeownership creates environments that free families from uncertainty, anxiety, and fear and inspires self-reliance and confidence. Studies show that strong and stable households are foundational for the growth and development of a child. In most cases, when a place provides a sense of home, rather than a place that creates hindrance, a family's health, and safety flourishes. The ability to save for their family's future, elevated job opportunities, and long-term career growth are just a few of the other proven benefits that come with affordable homeownership.

Make An Impact

The Crew

Here at Sumter Habitat, we work together to uplift and encourage families daily. The sustainability of our organization is critical, so we can continue to partner with those in need to build strength, stability, and self-reliance through homeownership. The Crew makes this work possible. 

Heroes of Habitat

Heroes of Habitat are Habitat donors whose charity is matched by their kindheartedness. They are the do-gooders who know that giving big helps build more affordable houses, making the dream of homeownership a reality for even more families, who are also their neighbors.

Leaders of Faith

Faith partners have been foundational to Habitat’s mission from the start. Together we recognize and share in the call to create a world where everybody has a decent place to live. We at Habitat want to partner with you to tackle the housing needs in our area, no matter where you are on your journey.

Giving Levels

Other Ways to Give?

Find the best way for you to support Sumter Habitat for Humanity.

Want more information?

For additional information on any of our giving options, please contact Julie Lockhart at or 803-775-5767 ext. 104.

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