Please note that we are not accepting applications at this time. Please check here regularly for information as to when we will have the application acceptance cycle open.

Applying for a Habitat Home

The homeownership program application process takes a total of about three months.  The construction and sweat equity portion of the process may take ten to fifteen months.  Expect the total time from application to loan approval to move-in to be 12 - 18 months. Each home build takes about 9-12 months on average. Most builds are completed one at a time, and selected families must wait in a queue for their home construction to begin. ​

Selection Criteria
     Need:  applicant must demonstrate a "need" for simple, decent, and affordable housing
                  a.  substandard living conditions: plumbing, electrical, heating or structural problems
                  b.  cost-burdened: utilities and rent are more than 30% of your monthly income
                  c.  overcrowding: not enough bedrooms; school aged children of opposite sex having to share a bedroom
                  d.  subsidized housing:  housing authority, section 8, etc.
                  e.  undesirable neighborhood:  crime, illegal drugs or lack of emergency services

 Ability to pay:  applicant must demonstrate the "ability" to pay an affordable mortgage
                  a.  monthly gross income must be within the range of area median income as shown on the chart below 
                        1.  verifiable income consists of wages from employment, social security, disability, child support, and alimony
                  b.  ability to make monthly savings deposit of $125 per month towards closing costs of approximately $1,500
                  c.  income steady and secure enough to obligate yourself to a 25 to 30 year, affordable mortgage
                  d.  current debt load

 Willingness to Partner: 
                    a. must be willing to work a minimum of 400 hours on the construction site building your own home and/or the home of others                           with qualified supervision.
                    b.  able to work  at least 15 hours each month.
                    c.   willing to participate in Sumter Habitat for Humanity's homebuyer education classes.
                    d.  must commit yourself to active participation with Sumter Habitat for Humanity as long as you live in the home built through the program.

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Homeowners in Process are families who have been accepted into the Sumter Habitat for Humanity Homeownership Program and are in the process of completing the program requirements. Habitat homeowners in process work alongside community volunteers in building their homes and homes of future neighbors through sweat equity. Sweat equity consists of working on the construction site, working in the Habitat ReStore, and participating in special events. Sweat equity also involves financial education classes, to better prepare families for successful homeownership. Home maintenance, safety and how to be a good neighbor classes are also included.
Once they have successfully completed the homeownership program, Homeowners in Process become homeowners by purchasing the home they built, with an affordable mortgage. Sumter Habitat for Humanity homeowners access a new opportunity by working with Habitat. They can achieve the independence needed to build a better life for themselves and their families through a hand up, not a hand out.  Homeownership allows families to save more, invest in education, live in healthier environments and have more financial stability. It's the foundation for success and a better future.
The self-empowerment created by this opportunity helps homeowner families eliminate barriers to a better, healthier, more financially stable life. We believe that with a little help, we all have the potential to stand on our own.