SEPTEMBER 18, 2021

DIY Workshop at the ReStore

10AM - 12PM

812 S. Guignard Dr.

Come join us as we turn ReStore finds into fun DIY projects! In this class, we will use paint, tape, and a little bit of patience to turn a regular old window into a magnificent faux-stained glass piece. Check out our Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok for more information and to see a finished product!

SEPTEMBER 16, 2021

Sumter Fall Feast

6:00PM - 8:30PM

Swan Lake Iris Gardens

Sumter Habitat for Humanity is partnering with the City of Sumter, Sumter Green, and other businesses, organizations, and residents from the Sumter Community to bring an all-you-can-eat evening for members of the community to enjoy! The Fall Feast takes place on the third Thursday of September, and with some of the best food Sumter has to offer, it is no surprise this event is sold out year after year. For more information and to purchase tickets please visit

SEPTEMBER 21, 2021

Groundbreaking Ceremony


1245 Habitat Drive

Please join Sumter Habitat for Humanity and Alice Drive Baptist Church to celebrate the groundbreaking of our next home build at 1245 Habitat Drive, Sumter, at 2:00 pm on Tuesday, September 21, 2021. Alice Drive Baptist Church is partnering with Sumter Habitat for Humanity in graciously providing the funds to build this home. In doing so, they are making the dream of homeownership for LaKesha Jones come true.

OCTOBER 4, 2021

World Habitat Day

On Monday, October, 4, 2021, Sumter Habitat for Humanity joins Habitat International with our partners around the world to rededicate ourselves to recognizing the basic right to adequate shelter. Every one of us deserves the opportunity for a better future. A decent place to live can remove barriers to opportunity, health and success that might have been part of a family's life for years and in many cases for generations. It is unacceptable that even before the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 17 million U.S. households were paying half or more of their income on housing. Now, the significant economic impacts of COVID-19 have made housing affordability out of reach for even more families. Each year, Habitat for Humanity offers World Habitat Day tools to align and amplify our collective voice.  Please consider giving back to your community, and in doing so help someone take the first step towards a better chance at life. 

In celebration of World Habitat Day the ReStore will be offering 50 % off select home items on Saturday, October 2nd, and on Tuesday, October 5th the celebration will continue at the ReStore with a fish bowl sale. Customers can draw from the fishbowl at check out to receive anywhere from 10% to 50% off their entire purchase!