Meet Mike - 


One of our extraordinary construction volunteers who is always willing to help where he can. ​

Mike grew up in Northwest Iowa and spent 22 years as a United States Air Force attorney. His family retired locally and made South Carolina our home. While they have two children of our own who are grown and helping make the world a better place in their own ways, Mike and his wife have a desire to foster and help more children.  


When not on a build for Habitat he can be found spending time with his beautiful wife, riding his motorcycles, boating, or camping. He also feels very strongly about volunteering and helping with disaster relief aid.   Mike found us because he was looking for an organization that could use his help and respect his efforts.  One of his favorite things about working with Habitat is how much fun it can be working with new groups each week and learning new skills while giving back.   


When it comes to volunteering, Mike says "Just do it. Don't be looking for the opportunities, just jump in! I didn't have any experience going in but it turned out okay for me. Its a great experience working with Habitat and the families they serve."


Meet Joe –


Joe is a hometown gentlemen and a Veteran who retired as an electrical engineer.  And spends time serving his community through his church 

When not on a build for Habitat for Humanity he loves to go fishing and motorcycle riding. I love to go on adventures and make sure to make time for plenty of family time and trips." 


Joe began volunteering with Habitat in 1992, when his church was brought into help build homes in Sumter.   He served many years on the Board of Directors and has participated in some manner in building well over a 100 homes.  

He is a great encourager and loves helping people.  Joe says, “It is the most amazing thing to watch the children that have moved into Habitat homes throughout my time volunteering here and how seeing them as grown ups going off to college and bettering themselves. Without the opportunity of a safe and stable home, I don't think that many of them would have been able to accomplish that. It is such a joy to watch."