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Sumter Habitat Receives Additional Grant from Sumter Community Foundation

We applied for Sumter Community Foundation’s Capacity Building Mini-Grant in March, asking to be considered for the $3,000 to go towards our matching funds if awarded the Connected Communities grant from Central Carolina Community Foundation. We knew that if rewarded the Connected Communities Grant we would be required to match 30% of our goal to undergo a strategic planning overhaul along with the creation and implementation of a home repair program. If awarded our requested $3,000 from Sumter Community Foundation through it’s Capacity Building Grant, we would have to raise $6,000 to reach our matching goal.


Sumter Community Foundation is an arm of Central Community Foundation that is managed by a volunteer board of adviser made up of local community representatives and leaders who help steer the Foundation. Sumter Community Foundation is positioned to understand the broad range of challenges and opportunities in its community. The donors who make grants such as the Capacity Building Grant possible are individuals, families, and local businesses focused on improving the quality of life for residents in Sumter County.


Capacity Building mini-grants offer funds to Sumter nonprofits to support organizational and financial stability, program quality, and growth, assisting them to carry out their missions more effectively. Their grants will fund activities that will shape and maintain organization-level structure and governance. This includes projects to improve the organization’s:

  • Financial stability

  • Strategic planning

  • CEO/executive succession planning

  • Board development

  • Strategic collaboration or mergers

  • Governance, policies and procedures

  • Inclusion, diversity, equity and access (IDEA) efforts


Sumter Habitat for Humanity is honored and thrilled to announce that we were awarded the Capacity Building Grant from Sumter Community Foundation, and we can’t wait to get to work on the project in which their generosity will fund.

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